It’s vs its

A brief break from email and startup posts for a grammar nit post.

It’s quite irritating to me to see smart people constantly misusing "it’s" in place of "its" like Fred Wilson did when he wrote "it’s users can and will leave" regarding Facebook.  This may well be a total anomaly for Fred; I’m just picking on him because he happened to be the third or fourth  sharp blogger I’ve noticed do this in the last few days.

I’m a big fan of informality in blog posts and write tons of run-on and otherwise crappy sentences in my blog posts.  But I still consider it’s/its, they’re/their/there, and other sloppy grammar mistakes to be below the bar I consider acceptable even in blog posts or emails.

OK, that’s all.

2 Responses to “It’s vs its”

  1. Jonathan says:

    I absolutely agree! Grammar seems to have taken a back seat to expediency in today’s “instant news” world of blogging. I continually am grateful to my mother for hammering proper grammar into my head!

  2. Yep… this error is also sighted all too often outside the blogosphere. I’ve no idea why it’s so hard to get it right…