Revisiting the segmented contact network

I wrote about how people have different levels of contacts for use in different contexts previously on this blog.  We’ve been working on a lot of interesting projects at ClearContext around these segmented contact networks – the intersection of contact and context information I mentioned in my post on "Inbox 2.0."  We’re currently developing some pretty sophisticated features around this that are deeply integrated within people’s workflow in Outlook and the context of their actions within the email client.  However, while building out those features, we realized that the basic step of identifying groups of contacts from within sets of email folders and prioritizing them in order of their relevance to conversations in those folders is pretty useful for things like creating email distribution lists and uploading subsets of your entire contact list to social networking sites.  So we decided to release one of the building blocks of that functionality as a beta feature in our IMS product.  Om writes about it on Web Worker Daily and we’ve put up a simple ClearContext Contact Exporter for Outlook webpage.  Go check it out!  I’m very interested in hearing how people use this and what sort of ways you see this type of functionality being built out.

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