OK, I quit: 3D Mailbox

3D Mailbox (via TechCrunch) might just be the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.  The fact that this app exists makes me reconsider even being in the email field.  This 3D email app (yeah, wtf I know) "brings the thrill of flight to your inbox" and is where "email meets flight sim." Well, OK then.

See, you get an email from Australia, IT ARRIVES ON QANTAS, THAT’S RIGHT! 


Attachments?  Yeah, FEDEX HAS THOSE!!!!


Visit them to check out the rest of their screenshots and watch their sweet trailers.

One Response to “OK, I quit: 3D Mailbox”

  1. Indeed silly (if astounding)… Just what a busy executive with 300 incoming mails a day would want!
    But Deva, The fact that this app exists should make you reconsider even being in the human race, not in email. I mean, since when is being silly an impediment to a product selling well? 🙂