“Gmail mute” in Outlook – deja vu!

Well, Brad’s going to write a post about this on our corporate blog, I’m sure, but I had to dash off a quick "credit where credit’s due" post as soon as I saw this announcement this morning: New Gmail Feature (LifeHacker).

It’s good to see features we’ve been talking about for a while make it into other email platforms, since if this stuff is needed by Gmail users, that means ClearContext’s Unsubscribe functionality is quite likely needed by Outlook users!  Our users were beta-testing this feature in August and seem to love it, so I definitely think the folks at Gmail have picked a good feature to add.

But, to give credit where credit’s really due, this feature (that Googler BLADAM refers to as "murder") was inspired for us by a conversation we had with our friend Omar Shahine who told us about how he’d like to see the ThreadKiller functionality (that he had built his own addin for) incorporated into our ClearContext IMS product.  We simply took Omar’s suggestion and integrated it with our automated filing capabilities to let the user have a little extra control over where the unsubscribed messages go.

The real question is, what’s the best name for this feature?  Mute, Unsubscribe, Murder, or ThreadKiller?

3 Responses to ““Gmail mute” in Outlook – deja vu!”

  1. GMail shipped my idea (2 to be exact)!

  2. GMail shipped my idea (2 to be exact)!

  3. chughes says:

    Personally, my vote is ThreadKiller because that’s exactly what i seek to do when i get these annoying responses from everyone and their brother, who feel the need to “cc” everyone on the original thread. I love this feature that ClearContext offers. Kudos!