What your inbox says about you

Interesting WSJ article on how your email management techniques say a lot about you.  A few interesting quotes:

discovering that the disorder in our inboxes mirrors the disorder in
our homes, marriages and checkbooks."

"When you’re quick to respond with
offers of help, ‘people use email to turn their crisis into your
emergency,’ she says."

"If you have 1,000 emails
in your inbox, it may mean you don’t want to miss an opportunity, but
there are things you can’t pull the trigger on," Dr. Greenfield says.
"If you have only 10 emails in your inbox, you may be pulling the
trigger too fast and missing the richness of life."

The article is definitely worth reading and a lot of it rings true.  For those of you who fit somewhere in the middle of the two extremes, I hope you’ll give my 10-a-day suggestion a try.

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