Ugh.  What a holiday weekend.  Had aspirations of getting ahead on a lot of work stuff, doing tons of errands,  writing a few blog posts, and doing tons of fun stuff.  Instead, I spent Friday and Saturday in bed w/ the flu/cold/something and just rested watching TV on Sunday.  At least today I was better again and was able to have a great BBQ w/ a bunch of good friends – that really saved the weekend for me.

So, here’s a startup tip for you.  If you want to challenge your immune system, make sure one of your co-founders has a couple of little kids.  That will get a constant stream of new bugs coming into the office until one manages to take you down!  At least by the end of the year I think we’ll have antibodies for everything, though!

I’ll be back in the office tomorrow and look forward to following up on some of my prior entries.  Hope you had a great holiday weekend!

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